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Apps & Integration

Log in to your account and you’ll find Apps & Integrations in the “Menu”.

Handle has multiple integrations available to allow you an easy way to export data. You can instantly integrate with Hubspot, Salesforce and Google Drive; for other integrations, please contact us at [email protected] and we will assist you.

Let’s see how simple it is to export data from Handle to these systems.

These integrations are with:

1.) Hubspot;

2.) Salesforce;

3.) Google Drive;

Let’s see how simple it is to export leads from Handle to these systems.

1. Hubspot integration

Hubspot is one of the leading marketing software, especially for small to medium companies.

To export leads from Handle to Hubspot, you only need to input their Hubspot API key in the field and press submit (as seen below)

After PMC submitted the request, they will find their Handle inside Hubspot

2. Salesforce integration

Salesforce is the leading CRM system. To export leads from Handle directly to Salesforce, you need to put their Salesforce login info (username and password) and provide an Salesforce Access Token. Access Token can be found in the Salesforce account.

Click on the “Submit” button (as seen below) after putting the Salesforce Username, Password and Access Token in their designated fields.

After the request has been submitted, you will find their Handle leads in their Salesforce system

3. Google Drive integration

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services. To export Handle leads to Google Drive, you need to:

1.) Name the new Google spreadsheet (the name is automatically created, but you can change it);

2.) Put your email address that is associated with your Google Drive;

3.) Set the authorization level (write or read), as seen in the screenshot below;

After you put the information in designated fields, simply click on the “Create Google Sheet” button and the new Google spreadsheet with Handle leads will be created in Google Drive.

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