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As soon as a user engages with Handle, a new contact is created. Every contact is stored and managed in the “Customers” part of your Dashboard. To access your contacts, please hover on the left sidebar menu and click on “Customers”.

In the “Customers” section, you will find several data points about your contacts. The contact consists of user’s contact information, such as name, email address and phone number. You decide what contact information you’d like Handle to capture (“Appearance” -> Option 6).

Along with the contact information, Handle also captures several other data points:

  1. User’s referral source (website or page prior to the page where the user initiated the chat)

  2. Actual page where the user initiated the chat

  3. User’s device

  4. Quality of the lead

  5. User feedback

  6. Geolocation

  7. Scheduled appointment information (if apoointment is scheduled)

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